Playing Earthbound and Mother Games

Good games

I finally took the Earthbound Mother pill and played the English translation of Mother 3 for GameBoy Advance, which is the sequel to Earthbound for SNES. Kind of a weird game and a lot different from JRPGs. Before this, I had played through Final Fantasy 5 about 70% through but the bosses started getting very tough so I quit.

I feel it’s a tad overrated these days and the battle engine has aged poorly especially after playing Mother 3 with its fantastic rhythmic battles. It’s basically Dragon Quest but with a semi real time health system and a much more entertaining story. Great game for newcomers to RPGs, the first person viewpoint will hopefully help them get accustom to not seeing their characters in battle in other RPGs. It’s ok, the game was pretty outdated even when it came out and the gameplay doesn’t get good till the last few hours where you finally get enough HP to properly exploit the rolling counters. I liked the part where if you wanted to store items, you had to make a phone call to the storage business, and then you had to stand around doing nothing while you waited for the storage person to show up, who may get lost on the way and not actually show up in the end, causing you to waste all of your time. Really great idea that one. I wouldn’t rate it that high personally, but it is a nice game, as it clearly makes an effort to stand out from your classic RPG at that time, and this is why forgive it some of it’s flaws. Better try a few new things and risk a few bad decisions, than just always sticking to proven concepts.

Mother 3 lost the suburban novelty and came off as forced. Mother 3 is what got us the tumblrtale scene. Mother 2’s only problem was admiring homosexuality. 3 suffers from being a cancelled N64 project. The transition likely made the execution all the elements slightly off. Playing Mother 3 now, way too much fkn talking, they just go on and on, the first two chapters really go nowhere gameplay wise and there is so much forced chitchat while the game forces you to go a certain route and can’t even go into most places because ’it’s night’. Seems like a good game but just a drag to go through if you don’t like that kind of thing. It’s pretty boring imo. I liked some things though for sure, but man they dropped the ball on others like the Dino land area sucked dicks. Anyway, the storage problem ends once you get Paula, and becomes even more trivial once you get Jeff and Poo. Just don’t hoard shit, you don’t really need to have a full inventory anyway, even with the must-have items.

First off, I have zero nostalgia for this game and only discovered it was some insane holy grail when I began collecting. I found a cheap copy many years ago and was excited to see what all the fuss was about. And, well, it’s certainly overrated. Like very overrated. I’ve played a lot of SNES RPGs and it is certainly bottom tier in terms of gameplay, story, and just overall quality. It does have its moments, but it tries way too hard to be edgy and different that it hit me as being pretentious most of the time. It is certainly not worth its asking price. I like it but it’s a shame the battle system becomes a joke when you realize you can use Jeff as a mobile bottle rocket launcher platform. On a random note, did anyone else ever mistake the reflection of Ness on the game cover for him piloting the Starman from the inside like a giant robot? I was minorly disappointed when I reached the end of the game and realized it wasn’t going to happen.

Before calling me a zoomer, I have to ask if you realize Mother 3 came out when games were vastly changing and had much, much more dialogue and the storytelling system quickly changed in games? Games before the 00’s have much less talking than Mother 3 99 percent of the time. The era of Phantasy Star, DQ, FF originals had very little talking, especially required scripts. The PS1 era had a huge impact on how story was told, and the amount of forced scripts and custscenes drastically ramped up from FF7 and MGS to FFX and MGS2. You can also just compare Mother 2 and 3. It has nothing to do with ‘empathy’, it’s how the medium changed and not necessarily for the better. I just don’t think mother 3 has any more unskippable dialogue than your average JRPG. I’ll concede the ‘empathy’ comment was rather silly but I was referring to how necessary each character feels and how the story is genuinely emotional without feeling forced. I just don’t understand when people complain about dialogue/story in a JRPG. It’s not a major complaint, I’m not saying the game is shit because of that, but the start especially is very heavy with the talking and it takes a very long time to get to a steady flow of actually playing. Personally I prefer being more dropped in and either choosing to talk to people or not, and have storytelling told more through actions than words. Just me personally. For example reading books, I really don’t like highly descriptive books where it sets the environment, details of everything etc… To compare:

He stepped into the woods.


He carefully treaded onto the brilliant green verdure as the sound of cicada rang out amongst ancient trees….etc…etc…etc…
I prefer less details and having things left up to my imagination with events moving along. The cream of the crop was probably the FFXIII series as far as how some games would go, as the characters like Lightning go on long ass monologues about how they feel in reaction to every event. A long way from how many games had silent protagonists.

YES op OMG YESSS! FINALLY someone talks about my favourite game EVER! it really sucks how final fantasy and chrono trigger get all the limelight when this absolute GEM of a game goes unnoticed.

i can’t believe so many people are missing out on an rpg game where you can fight hippies (loL!) , eat hamburgers out of the trash (EPIC MUCH?), fight a pile of puke (gross/randomM!!!) and so much more instead of the usual boring sword and sorcery crap!

just wait til you reach that final boss… that thing is seriously MESSED UP. i mean, just LOOK at this thing. how is this allowed in a kid’ game? what was miyamoto THINKING? NIGHTMARE FUEL![/spoilers]

i urge you all – go buy this game RIGHT NOW! literally the best game ever, worth every penny