Playstation Games were Mostly all Bad


I had a 360 all that generation if you weren’t into the trio of gears, forza, halo that shit sucked outside of the 5 Japanese exclusive we had in the early years before they got released on ps3 with more content. These days the only thing I look back on fondly with the 360 was Xbox Live Arcade and the Xbox Live Indies Games section. Everyone who genuinely loved 360 their love is purely based on the time they spent playing Halo and Gears online with friends during their middle-high school years. Check out this zoomer and laugh. The PS2 was backwards compatible with PS1 with games AND controllers before Microsoft could had a chance to be backwards compatible to anything. Neck yourself, zoomer. Every single thing Microsoft does is tumor that corrodes the industry like cancer. Timed exclusives, RROD, always online, no borrowing games from friends, cap on how many friends can be in your house because you gave Microsoft ownership of your house when you bought an Xbox, GFWL, etc. I mean you name it, if it’s cancer Microsoft had a hand in it. You’re forgetting the 360 almost always ran multiplats better than the PS3 and thus it was the “main” console for Call of Duty, Madden, NBA 2K, etc. If your entire console’s main selling point is backwards compatibility then you might as well stop releasing new games. Nintendo fans are worse just because there’s far, far more of them. The Smash spam is embarrassing at this point. It isn’t even funny.