Prostitution in 3rd World Countries is Awesome

Brown is best

Can you even imagine walking into a brothel and there are 10 super hot women lined up and you can choose which one you want to fuck? Can you even imagine that? It is like a kid walking into a candy shop. What makes it even better is when you took a viagra one hour before and your dick is already rock hard and you’ll be able to bang the hottest one of them all for an hour straight.

Let’s say you used Tinder and got a girl who rates 4/10 on the beauty scale to come over and bang. Well, if you go to a brothel, you can bang a 9/10 or even a 10/10 and if you are going to brothels in 3rd world countries then it will be very cheap. You can bang a 10/10 in a 3rd world country for like 60 US dollars, or you can bang an 8/10 for like 30 to 40 US dollars. In America, it would cost you literally 2000 or 3000 fucking dollars to fuck the same level of woman.

Not only are jobs being outsourced but even the act of sex is being outsourced because sex in America is too expensive and too full of regulations. I know white women and American women and European women will be upset by that but hey, it’s your fault. If you dumb cunts hadn’t overpriced your worthless vaginas out of the market, men wouldn’t be travelling to 3rd world countries just to fuck hot women.