Prostitution Should be Legal

Legalize now

If prostitution was legal in America and a man could simply go to a local brothel and pay between 30 to 50 dollars to bang a hot woman then feminism would be finished overnight. Most American women are fat asses and only attractive healthy looking women would be able to get a job at a brothel. I mean if I was a brothel owner, I would not hire fat women because they would scare away the customers.

Already many American men don’t even waste time with American women anymore. If men had the option of going to a brothel, literally 90% of American women would become incels overnight. No man would want to waste his time or money on them, when he could just go bang a hot prostitute at a brothel instead.

This is the real reason we will never see prostitution legalized in America, at least as long as women have the right to vote. One of the very first things women did when they got the right to vote was vote to ban alcohol, prostitution, drugs, opium, marijuana, and gambling. All of the things that make life fun and enjoyable and women voted to ban it. Hell, I am surprised women haven’t voted to ban video games yet. Then again, women are ruining video games from within by becoming game developers. That’s the real reason the quality of video games has gone to shit over the past 2 decades. In the late 90s, game devs were men. In the current year, game devs are women, soy boys, and braindead indians and niggers.