Random Thoughts About Final Fantasy 14

I just started leveling my healers for the first time, I’m going to start with WHM. I have never ever healed in any game before so I’m kinda lost. Do you have any beginner tips for a new healer? Any useful macros? Are they going to remove positionals and force the party to attack on the front and some skills maybe will have more damage from the rear? what is the point that the majority of the party has a view of the butt’s boss? Your main job is to keep the party above 0HP. Don’t spam heals when they’re at 90%, DPS when you can, and read your tooltips. Let the tank know you’re new and to ramp up to big pulls if you’re still nervous, but keep in mind that the best way to learn how to handle wall-to-wall pulls is by doing. You will learn with practice, just like with any role or job.

Guys, how do you deal with mean people when you can’t exactly ignore their existence because you’re in the same social circle/linkshell/FC? Normie question, I know, but I’m a little on the spectrum and I have problems dealing with social situations like this and wanted to get a couple different viewpoints. To my knowledge, I have never been the target of their ridicule, but it still makes me uncomfortable. If they never say anything important I’d just blacklist them. It may be weird to see other people typing something into silence, but it’s still better than witnessing that kind of “humans” talking. Feeling a bit weird is better than looking at retards. Trying to be reasonable is a waste of time in absolute most cases, just accept it. Whether or not you let them know about blacklisting them is up to you. Letting them know can make them question their behavior but can also (and most likely will) make them angry, both are good depending on how you feel. If you decide to let them know, be short, don’t make walls of texts. “You behave like such a piece of shit it’s actually painful to watch, you’re blacklisted from now on”.