Reasons Why White Men Prefer Asian Women Over White Women

asian girls

The real reason why white dudes date asian girls is this. Once you’re a white guy in your 30s this is pretty much the choice you have, a fat white woman used up whore or a hot submissive asian woman. Enjoy your body positivity and your SJW bullshit, white ladies. I worked too hard to be seen with some seacow. I’ve got about 5-10 cute asian women (and one asian trap) I’m going on dates with, I have not met a single white woman because all of the ones my age look like they fell into a bat of fried donuts. Virtually all of human history men have commonly had children with woman much younger than them, often by like a decade. I don’t have yellow fever by far, but I will say white women 30 and up are trash. Used up. Either single moms or high body count sluts or both. I will say but Ching Chong bitches at least act much better towards men and in general. Oh yeah, and from the age of 28 on out white bitches just gain weight. I love brown women. Latinas especially. Indian girls are hot as fuck too and worship white men.

I understand white guys going after Asian women, they are cute and have good personality and are not as picky as white women. White women are trash that only want trashy men. Asian women are goddesses who want men who are gods, aka white men. But can someone explain me reason why some white women go into black guys and not some man of quality but black but to see random crackheads who beat shit out of them? Asians are a microcosm of society. They reflect the areas in which they live in politically, as they mostly live in cities, so they’ll be blue-pilled as fuck. But if they are with more conservative and like-minded people, then they will become more conservative. Asians are actually far more conservative than white people. Whites are the only ones who believe in feminism and liberalism and communism. That’s why white women are so out of control- white men are too fucking liberal towards them.