Refuse to Play Modern Women's Rigged Games

it's rigged

Someone on 4chan posted this:

I believe there is a simple solution to keeping a woman in check. Litterally the main reason a girl will cheat on you is obviously because she does not respect you. She does not respect you because you are not a leader and you are weak. As long as a weak man exists he will either not get a woman at all or the woman he does get will cheat on him and secretly fucking hate his guts. It is entirely possible to change the social and political tendencies of a girl. You litterally just have to be a strong male and she will follow your lead. All these weak men just want to say its entirely the females fault that for the most part they are fucked in the head. Half of it is the fault of modern men though, being weak pieces of shit.

(End of post)

My comment is this. How can a man be “strong” when it’s literally illegal to put a woman in her place? If you shout at a woman, she will call the police and then armed police will show up and arrest you at gunpoint. No, the only way to win is to not play the game at all. Be MGTOW, never spend money on dating/marriage, and instead spend your money on hot prostitutes in 3rd world countries. Western women are lower than trash at this point. Only weak pathetic men still want western women. Real men are all going for foreign women.