Resident Evil 3 Remake is Perfect


They nailed the atmosphere. I wish they nailed Jill instead. Call me when there’s a barefoot DLC costume for Jill. For now, I’m not interested in this game. Why did they make her arms even thinner than before? Such an odd decision for a member of an elite task force. Why are they going all in on the goofy monsters here but decided to opt out in re2 remake? make up your mind capcom?

We have to have a serious talk on the lack of decisions/different endings and no mercenaries. Personally i never cared about decisions/different endings, i always tried to go for the best ending and theres no really an incentive to do a different ending. Also, personally never tried the mercenaries, i thought it was boring. I never liked “time attacks” sort of minigames but it could have been a great tool to add replayability to the game Are you guys actually affected by this? or people complaining just complain because it was in the OG and now its not.

The no descisions was never confirmed by anyone. And re3 only had two endings which were pretty much the exact same so theres no point in bitching about that since the barry ending is the one people want. No mercs does suck though. I don’t get “actually affected” by videogames. This comes with a free mulitplayer game so i think thats a pretty fair trade for mercenaries. It’s not exactly impossible for that to happen. Military since 17 or 18 and being good enough can lead to you being on an elite squad in your 20s. The only true anomaly is Rebecca, unless they just needed a field medic and she was around.