Returning to Final Fantasy 11 Can be a Bit of a Challenge


For starting a new account, this is easy. For expanding an existing account it takes a little more effort. I almost returned this until I tried: In the PlayOnline Viewer, instead of hitting PLAY, choose CONTENT ID and then under EXPANDED SERVICES choose REGISTER ID. Login once again, the same as always, and select an Expansion or Scenario that you have not yet registered. Hit NEXT and you will be able to enter a registration code. This is on the back of the QUICK MANUAL. Just one code for everything. Once you register one, you will have the option to register everything else at once that is still unregistered. (I can’t get to this again because I now have everything registered, but it is ONE SESSION registration or something like that.) You will not need to enter the registration number again, it will simply pick everything and let you agree to register all. And that’s it. Everything to date is registered and active. I love the entire FF world. Now I’ve played WOW and yeah its fun. but this seems just a little more real to me in a way. Honestly you start playing this and you will like it. I’ve played it half a dozen times and finally had a computer that ran it and the first game I bought was this. Best game ever a must play for any final fantasy fan over past 20 years. This game just gets better every year and keeps growing and square enix just keeps finding new ways to keep it fresh and growing if ur looking for a title with years of fun look no further this is it!!!!