Rift Was a Great MMORPG


This game was hella fun a few years ago and was FULL of players new & veteran! It had instant dungeon queues throughout the entire leveling process, and the EU community was actually fun to play with. There was constant content updates & live events that made group content engaging.

Now its just a husk of what it used to be… I don’t see much content updates, there are barely any players online…forget PVP bcs that queue will never pop, dungeons take ages to pop even if you’re a tank or healer… at any level, endgame or not.

RIFT doesn’t really deserve this kind of treatment from its developers & publisher. It took what made other MMORPGs fun & combined them smoothly with a mature fantasy style. I was absolutely devastated when warhammer online shut down and this was the closest thing to it. This game still has potential to rival the big boys, but in the current direction it’s in there is noway it can push through!

Played it years ago around release, was a challenger and replacement for WoW players everywhere. Excellent class system, one of the more customizable talent systems ive played on a MMO, being able to combine MULTIPLE talent trees was insane and amazing. Rifts opening up in the world, and getting stronger if they’re not combated back and etc was awesome. I’d load into my characters, having saved in a questing town only to load into a combat area, with elementals scouring the area, it was intense!

I left after the game started to lack content, and devs focused on the in game shop rather than fixing a game that could have very possibly beat WoW, especially after they lost their “Classic” fanbase, which is how i discovered this game too.
I will never return like i never did to WoW