Rimworld is Over-rated but An Interesting Game Nonetheless


They got so unlucky with the name. I every discussion someone talk about rimjobs, why the fuck did they call it rimjob world, fucking rim, rim my ass. These fags don’t put their game on sale ever so why would I buy their dlc. Losers. Just like the loser factorio Dev. You’re indie losers so you better discount your game at least 50% during sales. Tynan’s a hackfraud, but I’m glad he somehow managed to hook the Prison Architect and bugman audiences. Rimworld is the worst game I’ve ever put more than thirty hours into, fifth-worst with mods. I knew there had to be some money-grubbing reason behind them releasing a patch last week after being dark for like 3 years. More quests, new spacer-tech faction, a shitty copy of DF’s noble system, more equipment, “base raids” against Mechanoids that are probably hideously unbalanced, and a new win condition. Isn’t RimWorld itself a shitty DF copy? That’s the impression I’ve gotten from /v/ anyway. I used to play a lot of DF but I like Rimworld more. There are fewer characters but each of them is far more unique and you can really get attached to them and feels like almost a big family.
Combat is far better, you can actually control your units and use tactics, in DF the AI takes control the moment they see an enemy and just go berserk, you can’t even make them retreat or get a group to stick together. It’s fucking awful seeing your dorfs just get themselves killed.