Robots Would Be More Useful than Real Women

robot women

Many men will be happy with the sex doll and that’s good for anyone with a woman or looking for one. Much less chance of dealing with bullshit or getting stupid ideas about chasing other men. Sorry had my heart broken too many times. It’s too easy for women to move on. It’s wrong and unnatural and bad for both parties emotionally and spiritually. Men don’t seek emotional stimulation from women, nor conquest or validation. Sure, all of these things are pleasant, but what men want MOST from women is the one thing these robots can guarantee that biological women absolutely will NOT – unconditional loyalty. Loyalty is the number one thing men want from women, and it’s an impossible ideal. Fembots are the answer to this. From man to man, the value of all of the things biological women can provide that robots can’t will be weighed against this utmost ideal of loyalty. A significant amount of men will choose the guarantee of their greatest desire over the conditional chance of gaining the sum of their secondary wishes. This WILL have a significant impact on the role of the female in society, and the purpose of this thread is to play out the possible imaginary scenarios. This is going to happen. How it will play out is up in the air, but the sexual primacy of women is in its final days. Best get adapting, hole.

We can both agree that the better the technology gets, the more men will defect yes? This shifts the supply-demand balance in the pussy market. A negative price in the market is an impending reality that civilization will face for the first time in mankind’s history. This means that we’re about to enter a patriarchy for the first time in history. I don’t think anyone can fully appreciate the consequences that this entails, which is part of the purpose of the thread. Women are disloyal and unloving and unkind or old and ugly. They’re just following their programming. I take my robot as soon as it’s available.