Secret of Mana is a Maximum Comfy Sole Game

sole killer

The mana series are my favorite games of all time. The best part of this game is the soundtrack by far. It has incredible new arrangements. I love every single track on this soundtrack. The visuals are great and feel like a mana game art work style. I love the art style it is fitting for a mana game. I also love the cutscenes with voice acting that was a nice touch.

Aside from the updated graphics, music (you can switch the music back to the SNES version at any time), and better translations of the text, it’s exactly the same as the original. Weapons, magic, characters, bosses and enemies all level up the same, all the maps are identical, menus, controls and gameplay are just like the SNES version. If I had to complain about anything, some of the remade music tracks are pretty questionable, the battle with Thanatos being a prime offender. I had it crash once, which is irritating. There used to be a 4×4 grid for the main characters to determine how they attack, really missed that. Other than that, very solid effort.

This game works pretty well on a computer that is not equipped for AAA games. I have integrated graphics on my pc, but it works just fine. It’s pretty much just the same as the original, but I believe that it has improved its controls. It has a lot of nostalgia value to it.

If you are a casual gamer, or like the RPG genre, this game is worth playing. I wasn’t bothered by the mouths not moving or the quality of the voice actors.