Secret World Legends is an Illuminati Type MMORPG

secret worlds

I’ve played this game since 2013-2014 and I’ve loved it ever since. It’s a great and unique experience unlike any other MMORPG. It’s like you’re playing a heavily story driven game with cut scenes for every mission available (except the small side quests etc) but you can play together with a friend at the same time, making it a great co-op experience if you got a buddy that wants to join you solving mysterious.

My favourite missions would the investigation missions. They can literally take hours to complete and often requires you to search up additional information in your search engine to know how to proceed. For instance, what year did the famous painter “xxx” release his biggest masterpiece? Then you can look up the painter if given the name as a clue. In other words it requires knowledge from the real world.

If you love morbid… surreal stories or H.P Lovecraft in general. Then don’t miss out on this gem! It’s a game you can easily enjoy by yourself as well as with your friends! I love the lore and puzzles. I love the game play. But mostly, I adore the community that has sprung up in this game, most out to help one another, all just here for the enjoyment of the game. It’s my favorite game to play for that exact reason – the community.
The Secret World and subsequently, Secret World Legends is a one of a kind game. The experience of going through such a great story inside the incredibly well put together world is one I will never forget. Admittedly, thanks to Funcom’s negligence the game is a shadow of it’s former self… At least in the sense of it being an mmorpg.