Sega CD Games that are Lesser Known

sega CD

I thought I knew every sega CD game but i just came across this fucking gem.

Can anyone point out additional gems?

Games that I can recall are:

>Popful Mail
>Sonic CD
>Revengers of Vengeance
>Lunar 2
>ecco games

Eye of the Beholder
Dungeon Master 2
Final Fight
Dark Wizard
Dragon’s Lair
Samurai Showdown
Dungeon Explorer
Soul Star
Shining Force CD

Lords of Thunder is even better on Turbo CD.

My folks got the sega cd addon for whatever reason as a kid and they ate up the usual fmv shite sega was pushing everywhere. But lords of thunder is the one good game they got for it and it is fucking kino.

Terminator on CD is a great game with an 80s metal/hard rock soundtrack

It has a lot of good games if you take the time to dig through the library but its a massive library and you will miss lots of hidden gems.

They’re both up on YouTube to listen easily. Plenty of difference in sound between the two versions and even some composition changes here and there. Only complaint with Mega CD’s is narration drowning out some tracks. PC Engine’s did the same but when that reached the states it was taken out because Japanese words are forbidden.

I did notice the Mega CD version’s music bundled with the PC Engine release on an eBay auction so I’m wondering if that has the English narration taken out like how the TurboGrafx-16 release took out the Japanese narration. It’s weird the arranged tracks are even on there since the Mega CD version came 2 years after. I’d love to hear those few tracks without narration at all.