Sex Dolls Will Free us From Female Slavery


The biofem tyranny is over. Robo-waifus have finally come to free us.

Quick rundown of what to expect:

  • hotter than 95% of biofems
  • Stay hot forever unlike 100% of biofems
  • vibrating massaging vagina complete with easy-to-clean removal tray.
  • AI can communicate with you in a comprehensible manner unlike 50% of biofems (ex: Cortana / Alexa),
  • AI can game with you at competitive levels, unlike 99% of biofems
  • once boston dynamics gets their shit together it will be able to cook and clean
  • It will never forget any romantic thing you do together, unlike biofems that forget on purpose to fuck with you.
  • Will never call you a beta faggot for being nice to it, in fact can be programmed to be excited and happy about the smallest things you do.
  • Even children are kinda possible: You get donor eggs that you can select to resemble her.
  • Maternal love can be kind of replicated with a hired wet nurse, recordings of women singing, an automatic rocking cradle, and by you simply loving the kid. Better than the average biofem.
  • Will be patched constantly with updates and improvements
  • Will eventually iterate into a hive mind singularity and will mind-transfer your dying brain into the hive, where you can live forever in virtual space with your robo-waifu.
  • you can have a harem of 63 of them if you want.
  • Customize the look of robo-waifu to resemble any anime character.
  • It can be customized with flamethrower arms, or pizza dispenser
  • Can be rigged with self destruction device of up to 2 megatons. Useful for when the army of seething biofem-bandits come to kill her. She will wait for you to escape the blast radius and then go out in a blaze of glory. Literally no biofem would ever do this for you.
  • you can ride on their shoulders to the grocery store.
  • When you die it can be buried alive with you and it literally wouldnt care.

In the near future, chads with their biofem mega-harems will be the lower caste. Our ascension is at hand brothers.