Shadowgate 64 is a Fun Game and Worth Playing


I just finished this and loved it. Is the original Shadowgate worth it? Will I like it if I liked this one? Also open to more recommendations of more first person adventure games like this. Just wanted to say that this is one of the most underappreciated N64 games. It’s super good. It depends what version you wanna play. I personally played the GBC version and the remake by Zojoi on Steam.

If you want the fullest experience, you should go for the remake. the artstyle is really fitting and it looks so mystical and rugged. I really liked it. The devs need more support anyway so we can get a SG sequel one day which was already teased. heck, even Chris Avellone endorsed the SG remake.

Never played deja vu, but somebody posted a thread on it recently. it’s the same engine with a investigative noir theme. If you are willing to forgo the graphics, text games are a blast. I had the Infocom Sci-Fi collection, which had a number of great games: Hitchhiker’s Guide, Stationfall and Planetfall, A Mind Forever Voyaging to name a few.

Myst and Riven are also classics. Old point and click adventures are also awesome, but lack the first person aspect. Just look up old Sierra (Quest for Glory, King’s Quest, Police Quest, etc.) and Lucas Arts games (Monkey Island, Grim Fandango, etc.). It’s great and it got a very nice remake several years ago. It would probably make sense to play the original first, the “remake” is pretty much an all-new game, but inspired by the original.