Shadowrun Isometric RPG Games are Some of the Best Games of all Time


I thoroughly enjoyed each game. Really wish they were making more. Considering it was my first introduction to a setting I’d call my guilty pleasure, yeah even the first one was kinda okay for at least one playthrough. How did your playthroughs go? Only because I like Shadowrun itself. If they had the same gameplay but a different franchise then I probably wouldn’t be impressed. I loved the first one, dragonfall was really entertaining and Hong Kong was a blast. I really want to play them again but I can’t play anything other than decker, it’s just so cool plugging in and having two fights at the same time. Kinda liked it but it has that same issue with Disco Elysium where each choice is just there to reach the same end, combat was pretty fun since I like XCOM, plus I enjoy the hacker class in this. Dragonfall is one of my favourite RPGs of all time, and probably my favourite isometric RPG with Hong Kong right after. It’s honestly pretty linear but there’s so much meaty dialogue, and it was my first foray into the Shadowrun universe so all the little details made me feel so drawn to the world. Also I never could decide if Eiger or Glory was best girl, I love them both equally. Overall, those 3 were really goddamn good. They had some crappy parts, but they are good and they revitalized my love for the setting. Returns was alright, Dragonfall and Hong Kong were amazing. If there’s ever another I hope it’s more open and non-linear like the Genesis game.