Short Advice to Random Men about Women

I give quick advice

A guy wrote that his girlfriend cheated on him. I replied: “dude, fuck that bitch. Get over her, and then go full MGTOW. Don’t date or marry. Just bang prostitutes. A prostitute won’t destroy your soul like a normal woman will.”

Another guy posted a picture of a white woman with a black dude about to cum on her face. I replied: “white women are the worst. Let the niggers have them. I really can’t stand white women”

A guy posted saying that women are the real cause of the collapse of society, not the (((chosen ones))) or blacks or mexicans or whatever. I replied: “true. Women vote to bring in all the immigrants, who then destroy civilization. Western women are deeply evil people.”

A guy was asking for advice about how to talk to girls at his college. I replied: “Advice: Avoid all women and just only fuck prostitutes. You will be much happier”

A guy wrote that he is only attracted to black women. I replied: “cause they are feminine, high estrogen, sexual, and overall just act like real women. White women are cancer and white women act like fucking men. White men are disgusting”

Another guy wrote that today is his 29th birthday. I replied: “congrats. Your life starts to improve after 30, if you’re a man that is. Men only begin to start reaching their potential at 30 and onwards. Women peak at 16 or 18 and then it’s all downhill from there, and they hit the wall at age 28 or so and get fat and disgusting.”