Should We Go for Prostitutes or Normal Women?

escorts or hoes

One guy asked this question: "Should I forget about dating, and just stick to fucking hookers and pornstar escorts? Women in the real world want nothing to do with me. But hookers are like a cheat code. No dates, no bullshit, no “I’m too busy for a relationship right now”. Just get straight to the pussy for the right price."

One cuck replied to him: “If it’s the life you want, then that’s fine. I’ve slept with four escorts, doesn’t feel quite right, and I flaked out on one recently. I mostly worry about std’s or a setup.”

My reply: LOL, what a retard. STDs aren’t real you idiot. As for a police setup, uh, this is why prostitution should be legal, so men can have sex for cheap without worrying about legal shit.

Another guy responded: “If you’re happy with your situation I don’t see any problem with it. I’ve both seen hookers and had a gf and there’s a big difference. Just depends on what you want.”

My reply: You are right. There is a huge difference. Prostitutes are MUCH better at sex than normal women.

Finally, a smart anon wrote this: "Depends on if you believe in the love, happy family meme.

Have had girlfriends and slept with girls who just want money, and I have never found myself angry at or fucked over by the latter. You feel resentful about a person who mistreats, abuses, or takes advantage of you, which a girlfriend or boyfriend can do. You feel hurt, if you care about the person, and then they either cheat on you or do some other disloyal shit. You wonder whether it’s worthwhile to be devoting yourself to a person who doesn’t reciprocate. You hold another person’s problems. That person feels like it’s your job, at least sometimes, to make them happy. And on. And on. And on.

None of that is so with a sex worker/escort. No drama. No cheating. No working your life and accruing success, for someone to expect you to care for them, share all your assets, etc. And if you want to wake up and do something, anything in the world, you can do it without the bullshit of a relationship holding you back. You save money too."