Single Women Over Age 35 Who Have Wasted Their Lives

ruined women

Why are most white women over the age of 30 such retarded fat idiots who think they deserve Mr. Perfect? I mean, you wasted your youth and now you expect white men to settle with you? Nope, I’d rather take my high-income job and stay single, and just travel to Asia twice a year and bang tons of Asian prostitutes. Getting legally married to these trashy fat white women is the worst mistake any man could make, and even Christian men aren’t stupid enough to marry them anymore. If you are a white man over the age of 30, DO NOT marry ANY western woman! Work hard, save your money, and bang prostitutes or if you really want to date, then date newly arrived foreign immigrant women. Western women are worse than trash! These bitches deserve to grow old alone surrounded by their 10 cats. They do NOT deserve a husband, who they will just end up divorce-raping and stealing the kids and house and money from in divorce court. I am posting many of their pictures below. You may feel sorry for how pathetic these women are, but never forget that these cunts are evil and are literal sociopaths. I’m HAPPY they are suffering and miserable and ALONE!

Gentlemen we are witnessing Western Civilization dying out before our eyes through these women. Women are The Gatekeepers of reproduction and they have fallen astray. They are throwing away our future for their selfishness that feminism has told them was a virtue. As always these are victims and although they shouldn’t be praised for their decisions they need to be shown to the generation behind us as how not to conduct your life!

I have dated a lot of these types and they never fail to act exactly like their profiles. The belief that their fertility will last into their 40s, the entitlement, the lack of awareness that their sexual Marketplace has plummeted, and worst of all the sick desperation in their look and voices that is not a parent’s to them. Despite their Advanced degrees most of them don’t even have that good of jobs and quickly learned that a “man’s world” is nothing at all like what the propaganda said it would be. Rather sitting in a cubicle at a mid-level position picking cat hair off their clothes for the next 30 Years dissipates their delusions.