Sixth Generation of Gaming Consoles Was the Peak

PS2 Gamecube

What was your story with these? Did you play online back in the day? Were you the faggot who had the Gamecube?

I still remember going out for lunch and play Alien Hominid on my GBA SP while waiting for the food and then return to my house to play Alien Hominid on my PS2. Man, those were the days.

I also remember putting Vice City just to hear Vrock while doing chores. I still own my original xbox. The rubberband that operated the disc slot’s open and close mechanism is dried out and no longer works, so when I need to open it I have to lightly tap the top of the console while pressing the button, but it still works. Just last year I booted it up to play all my old favorites like Panzer Dragoon Orta and Jet Set Radio Future.

I sold my old Game Cube and PS2 a long time ago without regret since they’re backwards compatible. I play any GC games I want to on my Wii and PS2 games on my PS3. XBox360 is only backwards compatible for a few OG Xbox games and runs them like shit though, so I kept it. Jet Set Radio Future is one of my favorite games of all time and I play through it at least once a year.

Still have a working fat PS2 with a modded drive and Free McBoot, but didn’t get it when it was current. Gamecube’s I did, but it’s been replaced with a modded Wii due to backwards compatibility. Just wish it was possible to use the Gamecube controller in the main menu with the Wii. Only had a few games on the latter at the time, but now I’ve got a hefty backlog with both to help get me through the shitty generations.

was the kid with the Gamecube back in the day, and i don’t regret it since i had all the good games(save for gotcha force which i kept putting off til it was stupid expensive) for it.

Don’t really use any of them anymore. Barely have any games for GC/DC anymore(was so close to owning a full DC set at one point, but i just couldn’t bring myself to buy the shitty sports games.), PS2 i basically just use it for PS1 games, and i’m using my 360 for Xbox games.

I was a Gamecube kid, and don’t regret it. Some of Nintendo’s best games are on that machine, along with it being the console to play Resident Evil games on for a while there. I’d definitely want to own all of the consoles + PC if I had to repeat that gen as an adult now though. Kids don’t have disposable cash. What can you say?

I only had a gamecube and PS2 growing up, but I purchased a dreamcast and an xbox a few years back because it was my favorite gen and there’s just too many gems on each platform to pass any of them up. Got my PS2 and xbox hacked and running games off HDD, replaced the HDD and IDE cable in the xbox for better load times and more storage, also hacked my wii for running endless gamecube games off USB. It’s a good time. Maybe soon I’ll do a VGA mod for my dreamcast or something.

Having a PS2 and GC, I really don’t get why people remember this generation so fondly. Very few games in general from the entire generation stood out much. Doesn’t help that the genres I really like up and fucking died with this gen, only somewhat resurfacing with 8th gen. Seems like nearly every bad trend of the 7th gen started here, too.

Seventh gen was a shitshow though, and it was the origin of a lot of the cancer killing the industry now. It started out pretty great but then devolved into publishers releasing buggy games knowing they could just patch it later, games being chopped up and sold as DLC (which also led to the death of cheat codes), a hard focus on multiplayer games rather than singleplayer games, and then XBOX went ahead and started the trend of making people pay to use their own internet twice, which then led to Sony and Nintendo wondering why they weren’t going ahead and grabbing all of that free money for themselves.

No one played Final Fantasy 11 online on PS2? Final Fantasy 14 still has some charm and soul even. It’s all i play anymore. God i wish i had played FF11 on PS2 back then. I played it recently and it has so much charm and soul but it’s very hard to get into. I got to level 60 Warrior and said fuck it