Skyforge is a Good High Graphics Sci-Fi MMORPG


There’s some potential in this game, but I don’t see any fixes for major core issues ever coming and currently the annoyances of trying to play do not outweigh the enjoyment.

You can’t do the initial story line quests with a friend. You can’t do basically anything after you hit the pinnacle moment of becoming a junior god since the entire world scales up to around 100 ranks higher than you, requiring you to beg people to group with you just for basic squad missions. Nobody uses group finder, so you have to sit in the observatory spamming chat just to try to do dungeons – not against this but feels annoying with the need to chain run constantly to try to get stuff done after hitting JG.

You’ll be forced into PvP which would be fine if there was any sort of normalization involved, instead most matches consist of you getting literally one shot and spawn camped. There doesn’t appear to be any win conditions outside of the stupid MOBA map, so expect to sit around for 10 to 20 minutes in your spawn just to get some reward chests. Not engaging or fun at all.

A lot of the core issues with beginning end-game progression can be alleviated by being social I guess and begging for help, or playing the game with a group of friends. However if you’re a solo, or duo player – then I would just go play Warframe, Neverwinter, PSO2, or any other game that actually has a player base since at least you can progress your new character at your own pace and group for progressively difficult content at a reasonable pace.