Skyrim and the Best Mods

skyrim mods

What are some good mods for someone playing pic related for the first time? I don’t really care about keeping the experience vanilla, i just want it to both be fun and look good.

Ultimate Skyrim for the quick and dirty. Its based on Requiem which is probably the easiest way to make this game actually engaging. Requiem is a full overhaul of the game mechanics, so you can only really mix it with graphics and worldspace mods. If you want a more “gamey” experience I’d recommend Ordinator + a combat mod like Wildcat. Compatible with pretty much everything. Add whatever you want on top of it. Hunger and thirst are something I feel should have been in the base game considering that Fallout has it. Exposure mods like Frostfall add to the experience. Install those if you aren’t the type of dude who just uses fast travel. It makes the journey 10x more interesting.

I consider those more like “Vanilla +”. My preference. If you really want “gamey”, Ultimate Combat (and Ultimate Dragons, made by the same guy) is the gameiest combat overhaul. Guy is a skilled Jap who incorporated more patterns/boss moves on enemies. Lock on, adds a lock on feature, simple enough but it really feels a lot better than vanilla. Here’s a link to my own version i had to get working wiht some obscure patches since it’s deprecated and nobody maintains it anymore, the alternative being one i couldn’t ever get working.

TK Dodge, adds a dodge feature which makes things a lot less static than they were in skyrim.

TK Hitstop, adds an effect that helps weapons feel a lot more weighty and powerful.

Customizable UI replacer, this one’s optional, you might think it looks like shit but i’m a fan of it, combined with the other mods it helps bring together a more weighty, “gamey” feel.

Quick Loot RE, not combat related but a godsend, adds in the only good part about fallout 4, the looting system making things a lot smoother and less time spent in menus.