Society Should Just Allow Women to Become Complete Whores

Whores and witches

Ideally men would all become the primary care provider of their children while the mothers should be allowed to slowly just drift away, if not leave the picture immediately, until they are of the “little consequence” they are. Marriage would be a thing of the past. It would not bother you that she had slept with a 100 men even if it was in a massive gang bang. You would not even care if she were a raging hot filthy coal burning furnace. I mean fuck it, their only real use is to create babies and that’s pretty much it anyhow. Society would get much better if they were just allowed to be the spoiled sluts most are at heart. A guy would walk up to a woman he felt okay with having HIS babies, arrangements would be made, and wham bam thank you, 9 months later a mans baby would be born, and she would just go about her life afterward. The women would be happier and men would get what they most desire deep down. To be needed and loved, more importantly, needed and loved by their most valuable creations, their children.

Where do you find decent quality white women? It’s probably been at least 6 months since I’ve seen a woman worthy of marrying/fighting for. Finding someone with good genetics is rare enough, and then most women tend to advertise exactly what is a turnoff to me: being stronk, their disgusting abuse of their bodies via tattoos and piercings, how much of a slut they are and how many guys they’ve fucked. All the women I’ve had a go at in the past are ruined in at least one major way. I guess it’s my fault for being born in a multicult suburb and never moving.