Solution for Incels is to Go To Asia

leave America

If you’re actually incel then go to fucking Asia. You’ll get 100 matches in an hour compared to 1 match a month in America. And if you are worried about, “oh god my kids will be hapas, they’ll be incel freaks like Elliot Rodger”, well just abort the male babies in the womb. Only have female hapas, daughters. Female hapas generally turn out alright.

There’s basically no incels in Asia. Prostitution is legal so if any guy wants to have sex, all he has to do is pay, and it’s pretty cheap. America is a joke. Prostitutes in America charge like 500 dollars an hour. In Asia, you can fuck a hot 10/10 asian woman for 100 an hour. In America, a prostitute who is a 10/10 would charge like 10,000 dollars an hour, no joke.

In Asia, the chicks will throw themselves at white guys and basically hate asian men. Most mainland Chinese males I’ve met, and a lot of Korean males, were abusive and resentful toward women and borderline psychotic. They have to rely on social pressure to coerce women into marriage. In the West, where women have freedom, pretty much 90% of Asian women end up married to white men. If you give an asian woman the free choice to choose between a white dude and an asian dude, she will choose the white guy 9 times out of 10. This is why white women are so pissed off at asian women, cause asian women are taking a lot of men, and many white women end up single and unable to find a husband. Anyway white women have no one to blame but themselves.