Some of the Better N64 Games


Let’s have a talk about the Nintendo 64 since I have an itch to play N64 stuff lately, do you have any N64 game you come back to play every year? I always play Diddy Kong Racing, Mario 64 or Rayman 2. I also like playing Top Gear Rally, Tetrisphere or DK64 to relax, those games are pretty good to have a chill time imo. The Zelda games, Star Fox 64, F-Zero X and Fighter’s Destiny I play pretty much every year. Souls games, Fallout 2, and Diablo 2 are the only games I do yearly replays of, but my backlog is way too long to do more than that. Every 2-3 years I do completionist runs of OoT and SM64. Y’all should really rethink glorifying Nintendo like this, they’re unethical and have a recorded history of slandering LGBT folks for no real reason. It’s pretty embarrassing to still support a company when they spread blatant hate, don’t you think? The only hate being spread is by LGBT people like you who feel the need to impose your ideologies on others and are very in your face about it. You’re like the priests of ancient times, except at least those priests weren’t pants on head stupid. Most LBGTQ people are fine and are embarrassed of people like you who bring nothing but toxicity and hate to the world. To be fair the vast majority of everything people say on the internet in this era is either overly antagonistic or not true to their actual thoughts or opinions, be it in the form of a shitpost like here or like a clickbait article. 15 years ago you could say that newcomers should lurk moar or not care about what others think of it but instead do what they like but for some reason that has become incredibly hard for most people outside this website. Shit, even on this board it’s become obvious how little there’s left of the older board culture and how many act like they’ve been around forever even when this board is supposed to be about video games that are over 20 years old. I’d say ignore it and just stay on topic but unfortunately there are too many idiots here who take the bait and make matters worse regardless of those who know how to deal with it.