Soyboy Cuck Brian C. Lindner Triggered by My Blog

Low-T Beta

I was posting a link to my blog, that is, this blog, the Women Are Stupid blog, on a few different Fediverse social network sites. Fediverse is basically an alternative social media network but unfortunately it is run by soy boys, feminists, and faggots. Literally 90% of the users are faggots and and beta males.

One soy boy was so triggered by my blog, that he literally wrote a program that will automatically block and filter out any post that mentions my blog. Don’t believe me? His name is Brian C. Lindner and here is the program he wrote to stop my “spamming”:

A 23 year old soy boy who works as a JavaScript programmer. Now, there is a shitload of spam and bot accounts on the Fediverse. Why did he get triggered by MY spam? Here is why. Because Brian is a low-testosterone beta male. God forbid someone dares to speak out against feminism! The horror! Here is Brian’s profile pic:

Yep, complete soy boy who probably owns a Nintendo Switch and probably has a girlfriend who he watches get fucked by some nigger. You see, many men cannot be saved. You speak the truth to them, and they HATE you for it, because they are too weak and arrogant to realize that they need to change. My advice to Brian is to start getting testosterone injections once a week, Sustanon-250 is a great one to start with. Then hit the gym 3 times a week, and do bench presses, dead lifts, squats, and pull ups. After that, I’d suggest Brian to either learn game/PUA and fuck at least 20 different women, or just go to Tijuana or Bangkok and fuck 20 prostitutes. Also, you may need to take Viagra one hour before the encounter in order to maintain an erection, Brian. No shame in that. After you fuck at least 20 women, you’ll stop being a soy boy mangina and will start feeling like a real man.

Believe it or not, I want to help my fellow men by saving them from the virus of feminism and cultural Marxism. Hence why I do not consider any man, no matter how cucked, my enemy. It’s my duty to give them good advice. If they reject it, well fuck them.