Splatoon and What is Up with That Game?


Marina becomes a mind controlled slave. Pearl rides in and snipes the glasses off. The day is saved, but you must face your inner Agent 8.

Knowing how soytendo is, I fully expect a lazy rehash. So it was just like all the other Splatfests, how fitting. Well i’m actually losing interest in the game now as there will be no more updates besides weapon patches and the upcoming Shellendorf Institute makeover. Might only go play Salmon Run for now till i also get bored of it eventually and move on. Seriously why does Nintendo does this again? Are they are that desperate to kill off the game since they haven’t even started with Splatoon 3 development and won’t be announced any time soon. I don’t get it either. They could have released the kensa line over a longer time span and considering the shit that passes for splatfests (down to outright paid promotion if snacks in japan) coming up with shit to circlejerk over can’t have been the problem. But now, even with balance and map patches still coming, it feels like a dead game.

God, I love how fucking good the Japs are with teamwork in squid 1 at this hour. No annoying lone wolves, just nice team pushers. I guess this is why they call this time real nigga hours. Once again, the Splatfest has sealed out fates until the cycle begins again, and we can once again turf war again and again until a new Final Splatfest can maybe set things right.