Star Trek Online is a Highly Underrated Game


I’ve played a lot of these Elder Scrolls Online style MMORPGs but If I had to pick a favorite, Star Trek Online would certainly go high up on the list. No other free game will let you explore a universe as large and well designed as the one you roam in this game and they are constantly creating new worlds and missions to add to the overall scale of the game.

All of the detail is there for the die hard fans of Star Trek seeking to relive their favorite moments or finally visit their favorite places from the shows and films. They have all the best characters from the shows, many of whom were voiced by the original Hollywood actors and actresses. Alternatively if you are someone (like myself) knows little to nothing about the Star Trek franchise, the game is simple enough to learn and doesn’t really require you have any prior knowledge beforehand. You create a character, get your first ship, and fly off into space to start doing missions, some of which require you to fly around in your ship or do battle with other ships while others have you and members of your crew beaming down to planets or space stations to battle the enemy first hand.

And the missions are a lot of fun to play too with each one feeling almost like it’s own episode complete with all of the necessary action and stakes to keep you entertained and wanting more. Unlike other games of this genre the combat doesn’t get too boring or repetitive as you are constantly learning new abilities and getting new weapons and equipment to use against a wide variety of enemies. And if you find yourself in a situation where things are starting to feel a little too difficult, all you have to do is ask for help in the chat because there are almost always veterans players of the game just waiting for people to give them an opportunity to come show off their fancy ships and toys to save the day.

As you level up you will unlock new ships and crew members for those ships both of which can be heavily customized if you are into that sort of thing. There are hundreds of ships, weapons, equipment and clothing options (and of course, non-combat pets) and they just keep getting cooler and cooler the more you play. You can spend real money to get a jump start on things if you want, but the main mission story-lines are all so good and bare such great rewards, it’s just as easy/fun to take your little starter ship and dive right in.