Stop Putting White Women on a Pedestal

stop it

White women are worthless and have never accomplished anything. Only incel virgins worship these white “women”. Black, Asian, Indian, and Latina women will worship the ground we walk on and are better at sex, as anyone who has fucked one will attest. Colonize a qt and forget these whores. White women are constantly trying to shit-test white men and literally provoke them. A defining quality of white men is our ability to remain level headed and logical in tough situations. If a white man were to fight back, he would get expelled, hunted down on social media by social justice, and most likely lose his job wherever he works. White men are able to calculate the pros and cons of multiple decisions within a split second. And that is why most white men are now going for non-white women and non-western non-feminist women. And white western women HATE it.