Super Mario 64 PC Port

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A bunch of trannies took the reverse engineered source code and developed a native port to PC.

DX12 build: https://anonfiles_com/b9g054w7o3/mario_rar
DX12 source code: https://anonfiles_com/78g558w7ob/sm64pc_src_zip

If the game runs too fast cap it to 30 FPS using the Nvidia or AMD control panel, or RivaTuner. Or just change your refresh rate to 60 Hz.

The person who wrote the description is the dude on here that compiled it from the source for Linux and uploaded it. Anybody could’ve done it but he got to it first and his silly description sent the thin-skinned losers on Discord into a meltdown. Since it’s a private discord it’s tough to get a handle on this thing’s development but I think Roro is the main person behind the port.

So he uploaded it to them rather than using anonfiles, Mega, or some other filesharing site? It’s pretty funny to troll idiots with that, but he’s retarded if he didn’t think they would not release it like that. I haven’t been following this but has he uploaded the source code somewhere so we can at least compile it ourselves? It doesn’t sound like he did.

Reposting links from previous thread, including linux sources.

OGL Ver:
OGL Src:

DX12 Ver:
DX12 Src:

Linux DEB:
Linux RPM:

Theoretically yes, but decompiling code is an absolutely hellish endeavor that will only ever be accomplished by high-octane turbo autists and isn’t something that just happens by accident or something that someone will just randomly decide to do. If you want the source code to something you’re better off just hoping it gets leaked by the company than for someone to decompile it.

There’s a hack for the N64 version that allows the game to run at 60FPS, though the animations stay at 30FPS (nothing interpolation can’t fix) and movement does seem a bit jittery. With the ‘source code’ on hand and given enough time, is it feasible to untie all logic from framerate, or adjust the logic to run properly at a different set speed, like 20?