System Shock 3 Game Devs Were Fired


Game devs are fucking scum. They create shit games then demand the consumers to just worship them. I fucking hate game devs more than niggers, jews, feminists, etc.

The game devs fucked up big time. That’s a problem with shit developers, not Unity itself. Unity games run like shit because you get mongoloids with minimal CS backgrounds who think that using an engine will solve all their problems and there will be no work required on their end. They write shitty code, they use 2K textures for “cartoon” styles, they render the whole damn level at once, they don’t have different LOD models, they add a bunch of sense post-parocessing effects to the scene, and a whole lot more. Unity is great for handling rendering, input, collision, and offering simple tools for 3D math. Beyond that, it’s the developer’s responsibility to use the same precautions as they would with any other engine.

For a better study case, look at the /agdg/ threads, and see how many anons are using Unity for their games, tell me they’re “pozzed”. Most of them run at a good framerate too, except for Everyday Life, because it renders a bunch of grass blades and features a really dense town with no current optimizations. The higher-ups probably don’t have any idea about her twitter ravings, and wouldn’t care about them if they were brought to their attention. Having an original VA would help pull in buyers, which makes them more money, which is all that they actually care about. And, again, if they’re so badly managed that they’d let a VA push her opinions into the game as a whole, then they’re not worth considering in the first place.