Tetsudou Musume Attendant Story

Japan trains are kool

I was sitting in my seat in the comfy Japan bullet speed train, with the table top down and my laptop on. I was browsing 4chan/pol and then the most magical goddess entered my reality. An angelic looking Japanese woman wearing a skirt and uniform had pushed her food cart up to my aisle.

“Would you like any refreshments or snacks, sir?” she said in Japanese, sounding like a perfect anime girl.
“Well, there is one thing I would like”, I replied to her. I noticed a gleam in her eye and she had realized what I wanted from her.
“Sir, a moment please, sir”, she answered and then stepped into my aisle row. I was travelling in the luxury class of the Japanese train, where there was a full separate compartment room for each traveler. I had bought my own private room, and so the train attendant girl stepped into my room, and closed the door. She also shuttered the curtains so that no one outside could see what was going on. She then clicked the lock shut, and looked straight at me, and said “Now you’re mine, bitch!”

She pulled my pants down and started giving a very sloppy フェラチオ, and asked “Is this good, sensai?”. I told her to stand up and turn around, and then rammed my benis into her 下衆野郎. She immediately screamed “おお、あなたは私をオーガズムにするつもりです、ベイビー!私のお尻をより堅くそしてより速く、雌犬とファックしてください!私をCUMにしなさい!”

The tetsudou musume attendant then got down on her knees and I blasted a load onto her Japanese face. “Give me moar, sensai!” she roared. Then I woke up.