The Alt-Right is a Bunch of Virgins

4chan virgins circle-jerking each other

The alt-right was born on 4chan’s /pol/. I’ve been browsing /pol/ for about 6 years now and I’ve noticed two main groups on there. About 70% of the posters are white supremacist types who sit around talking about how they are going to have a future white ethno-state. I’ve seen some of these guy’s pics and you can immediately tell that they are virgins and incels. These guys are complete fucking losers and that is why they are so jealous of the second group.

The other 30% of posters are the ones who just want to post dank memes and shitpost and basically just have fun. They’re the ones who are fine with asian and black women. When they talk about this, the other group, the loser virgin incel group, calls them jews and race-mixers and so on. Once again, the 70% group are virgins who are saving themselves for their future white wife, which they will never achieve. Considering the revolting behavior of most white women nowadays, only a mentally ill man would defend or white knight for them.

All these endless discussion threads talking about “muh white ethno-state” and “race war” and other shit are just a bunch of incel virgin losers who are circle-jerking each other. I don’t know why the mainstream media wants to paint the alt-right as a threat because 90% of them are literal losers. Whenever I would post about how brown or black women are superior to white women, these fucking losers would attack me and call me a jew or a race-traitor or whatever. Once again, any man who would white knight for a white woman is literally mentally ill. White women are trash and thank god the white race is going extinct.

Look at Richard Spencer. His white wife divorced him and took his child away from him. How can you “save the white race” if you can’t even trust white women anymore?

Oh, and fuck Qanon. Anyone stupid enough to believe in that bullshit LARP is a fucking braindead idiot.