The Future is Race Mixed, and Here's Why


First of all, because of technology. Nothing no longer prevents people from meeting other people across the globe.

Second, women want strong men. The strongest men with highest self confidence today are white men. This is why women from Asia and South America will all come to America to find a white man.

Third, men want cute, feminine women. This is why most white men will go to Asia, where feminism is not yet spread.

In the end, we’ll have lots of race mixing between Japanese women and white men. That’s the future master race.

I absolutely fucking hate white women. I cannot even put into words how much I fucking hate them.

For years white women either ignored me or they mocked me. But now that I’m rich these same fucking bitches are trying “reconnect” with me.

Fuck you Savannah, you were cute in middle school but you fucking hit the wall when you were 21

Fuck you too Jessica, and fuck you too Sarah stupid fucking whore you took dick left right and center in college but now you want to settle down?

Fuck you.