The Ideal Life for the Western Male

6 months a year you live like a king

Let us continue talking about positive solutions to feminism. We’ve already bashed on feminism enough and now let us talk about ways that western men can live a happy life in this modern world. Here is the ideal life for the average western man.

1. Work in some high paying field like the trades, truck-driving, or programming for 6 months a year.
2. Save up every penny and do not waste or spend any money on worthless consumerist bullshit and especially do not spend money on women. Never go on dates with women, and don’t even bother with hook ups. Just save all your money and live like a monk for 6 months a year while you are working in the West.
3. For the other 6 months of the year, take your savings and live like a god in Asia if you like Asian women, eastern Europe if you like white women, or south America if you like brown women.
4.Simply bang a new prostitute every day for the 6 months you live outside of the West. After 6 months is up, return back to the West and resume your previous high-paying job.

That is literally the ideal life for a western male. I don’t understand why more men don’t do this. Or rather, I do know. It’s because most western men are brainwashed by feminism, Christianity, and Disney fairy tale movies to think that it is their “duty” to “man up” and marry some worthless bitch and become a financial slave to capitalism to support her. Thankfully, the younger generation of men are waking up and refusing to get married anymore. Marriage is a scam which enslaves MEN!