The Legal System Favors Women

Why give women power over you?

The legal system favors women over men and we all know this. This isn’t breaking news or anything. If a woman falsely accuses you of rape, you’ll get thrown in jail for years and even if the woman gets caught lying, she will not face any legal consequences whatsoever. And yet somehow or other, women claim we are living in a patriarchy? Bullshit, we are living in the most fascistic MATRIARCHY to ever exist. Of course, we all know that women are incapable of taking responsibility for anything so good luck getting a woman to admit that.

But what we can do is refuse to allow ourselves to get into a position where a woman can destroy our lives like that. In 2019, only the most pathetic, weakest beta male cucks would get legally married to an American woman. As for false rape accusations, well those generally happen during “hook-ups” so what if you also refused to even have sex with a woman? The safest place for an American man to be in the current year is with a prostitute in a brothel. Prostitutes don’t hit you with a false rape accusation. If they did, they would go out of business as no man would be willing to buy their services.

I suggest you all to avoid American women like the plague which they truly are, and to just spend your money instead on prostitutes in Tijuana or Bangkok or wherever else. American women are fucking scum and if you give money to them, you are supporting the enemy. American women are our enemy!