The Life of the Average Baby Boomer

Boomers are weak

An anonymous guy on 4chan shared the story of his boomer father:

Be my father, a boomer, born in 1955.

No jobs around, so he joins the air force after the vietnam war

Does inventory for 6 years, then goes into the reserve. Gets out after six years with 50k in the bank.

Buys a 2 story house for $38 grand.

Gets a job as a rural mail carrier, union with benefit, complete job security, can’t be fired, get’s get significantly extra to use his own vehicle.

Works for 30 some years, just going to work, sorting and delivering mail (although he had to start using the postal jeep by the early 2000’s), coming home and falling asleep in his chair watching T.V.

makes bank over the years mortgaging the house, as it’s appraisal value kept going up and up and up, to the point it was worth $194,000 by the time he pulled out his second mortage.

Sells the house for $213,000

Keeps working much longer than he has too because he’s just so adjusted to it, and wait for it…

Retires at the age of 62 with $400 grand in the bank. Has 2m coming to him from military pension and SSI if he lives to be 90.

This is what life was for even the most menial workers of the boomer gen.

Editor’s comments: Thank you for sharing this story. Boomers had an incredibly easy life and never knew any real suffering. But they will. They will, when the economy starts collapsing later this year and most of them will lose whatever savings they had. Boomers are going to experience tremendous suffering in their old age.