The Lord of the Rings Online is a Forgotten MMORPG


If you’re a Lord of the Rings fan, at first this game will dazzle you with bringing such an expansive and mythical world to life, but you will quickly realize that any hopes of getting the fullest experience of J.R.R Tolkien’s incredible world will be dashed when you have to spend over $100 to truly view it. This game fell from grace when micro transactions became more important than game play, balance, and story. Don’t get me wrong, games are allowed to make other ways of profit of course but when it becomes the sole reason that the game bothers to update, you can see where the problem begins.

You will meet all sorts of people on here, in my years of playing I have met people in Kinships and Tribes that felt like legitimate family to me, that alone is worth praise, that a game has cultivated a community capable of such interactions. Questing can obviously be repetitive, even if it’s the same “kill x amount of this” or “Gather x amount of this” going through these quests seems less tedious when each area is so carefully crafted and beautiful. This games Crafting mechanic is pretty standard, the same run around and fetch your materials and trade with other professions to reach your needs in-game, but even with such a standard system, it falls flat and feels so incredibly not worth the effort now a days. Combat, god I loved the combat, using skills with just the right order to weaken and then finish off an enemy, boy was that fun, when you find the class you love- you will enjoy it. Until you get to raiding where they specifically ask for meta classes, and if you don’t play that class, well good luck getting another character to whatever level.