The Real Conflict is between Boomer Men and Young Men

Boomers allowed women to have so much power

Lately I have become to realize that it really isn’t so much an issue of “man vs woman”. It’s really an issue of baby boomer MEN vs young men. Think about it. Who gave young women so much power? Who are the hiring managers who prefer to hire young women instead of young men? That would be the baby boomer men. In essence, baby boomer men betrayed their own sons by favoring their daughters over their sons. How many can relate to this? Did your father treat you like shit or basically ignored you, while treating his daughter like a pampered little princess?

The joke’s on the baby boomer men though. It’s men who support their elderly parents in their old age, not women. Since boomer men decided to fuck over the younger generation of men, now they have no one to protect them in their old age, and most boomers are going to end up in retirement homes getting abused by the diversity-hire nurses and caretakers.

This doesn’t excuse the horrible behavior of women or younger women but we need to understand where the real source of the problem lies. Baby boomer men were the biggest cucks to ever exist in history. There is also a lot of evidence emerging that white baby boomer men were fucking their hot daughters, which is another reason why they treated their daughters like “daddy’s little princess”. Baby boomer men abandoned their sons so that they could fuck their daughters. Burn in hell, baby boomers! I hope your daughter’s pussy was worth it, baby boomer men!