The White Race is Going Extinct, and That's a Good Thing

good news

The loser incel nazis on 4chan are at it again, seething that their stupid weak race is dying off:

The Caucasian race in 2020 is a small minority of the world population. By the end of this century, they will represent barely 10% of the people on Earth. It’s time to accept that the future of the planet is an ethnic one dominated by brown peoples. Anyone who can’t see that is fighting against a future who’s trajectory is unchangeable now. Can’t stop people from breeding, white people are too obsessed with being wageslaves and woke to understand that they’re becoming an endangered species. Yeah and guess who the remaining 10% of white people will be? The ones whose fathers saw through the (((charade))) and chose race realism. These 10% of people will be so right-wing that we would seem like cucks next to them. Next thing they do is use their Aryan™ brains to get powerful, rich and knowledgeable. Basically the rulers of the world, after the liberal jews racemix with the niggers. And I’m sure as hell to teach my kids not to racemix. The nigger-cattle won’t even know what hit them. No one has a future dummy. The world is getting progressively worse. Violence, disease, war…..and poverty. Sit tight. 2020 is going to be horrible. When white people will dissapear who will feed lazy and stupid niggers ? Nobody , so they will starve and murder themselves like always. Well it just so happens we’re getting less and less intelligent. And I’m not saying in terms of “dumb niggers breed too much”, even white people(or east asians for that matter) as a population are getting less intelligent as modern society selects against intelligence: high IQ women have abysmal fertility rate, high IQ men are little bit better(still they have less kids than low IQ ones) but since the distribution of IQ among men is wider, there’s more of high IQ men, so where do they find women to procreate with? Well they settle down for dumb bitches. And btw. in Africa the effect is heavily amplified as the high IQ elites have basically the same fertility rates as westerners while the unwashed masses of ooga booga let’s fuck an infant to cure AIDS types have it at 4,0+.