Time to Resub to World of Warcraft

Why not?

Well we already spent 60 dollars on the fucking expansion and had bought a subscription for a couple of months before unsubscribing, so why not do it again, now that the new patch has come which introduces two new areas and probably a raid too? It feels like we are not getting our money’s worth if we don’t resub for at least a month to check out the new content.

Anyway let’s see what people are saying about WoW on 4chan/v/:

I understand why subs exist for mmos, they’re not cheap to run but at the same time it’s such a bitch to get into these games when they got all these expansions to buy and then worry about having a month sub to play the damn game.

WoW did away with the expac shit. You only have to own the current expansion to play all content now.

I’ve been looking for an MMO and I’ve actually never played WoW, my friend got me to try it out and I feel the desire to grind growing strong.

Classic launches in like two months and is the closest imitation of the original highly-successful, highly praised, extremely addictive game that everyone loved. Just play that instead if you’re really committed to giving this shitty company your money. (Author’s comments: Nah, I don’t think I’ll play Classic since it has zero quality of life improvements. Who the fuck wants to spend 2 hours trying to put together a dungeon party?)

Even if Azshara popped herself into existence, got down on her knees and personally gave me a blowjob I would STILL refuse to resub to the fuckfest that is modern WoW. Fuck you Blizzard. I hope they manage to not ruin classic at least.