Too Many Workers and Not Enough Jobs


Someone posted this on 4chan, but the real issue is overpopulation. There are too many humans competing for too few jobs. Population reduction is the only solution. Otherwise, employers can continue treating people as slaves because they can replace anyone who complains within 24 hours.

Wagecucking is the most demoralizing thing currently affecting us. I just graduated college and clawed my way into white collar land, and the grass truly is greener on the other side. I wagecucked so I could escape the millenial/genz “pay for school now and worry about the debt later” mentality, and for the paychecks I made and the good work ethic I acquired, I really saw some things, and learned that working at the shit end of the stick really puts things into perspective. I worked at a deli with a meat slicer for my first week and watched as a sweet old mexican lady sliced her finger clean off. She was sent to the hospital and I cleaned the bloody mess. She came back a week later and worked the same meat slicer, hand stitched and cast, almost in tears because her savings went to the medical bill. Another co worker about my age was viciously assaulted after he told a rude customer off. Minor incidents included death threats by people who had the orders messed up on accident, entitled boomers complaining about the most minuscule of things, and tired single moms asking us to clean up 4 year old puke. Later, I worked for big brown, aka UPS, and the only time I would see sun during the winter during high school and college is when the unloaded trucks would back up into the bays to be unloaded. Saw a man’s leg get crushed by a box so bad the bone split out and you could see it protruding. People would ruin they’re backs just lifting the boxes repeatedly, some men around 30 would have the backs of 80 year olds. Many nonviolent felons worked there, some were smart people who made one dumb decision in the past to try pot and ended up catching a case but because the system hates these sorts of people they end up on a belt line sorting packages. The desperation and despair at these places are phenomenal, and most can’t escape these situations. It ruins lives and leads to mental issues. Thoughts?