Transsexuals Should Be Treated Equally

Traps ain't ghey

Many generfluids and non-binaries suffer from mental health problems because of bullying and harassment. How can we make society more inclusive and accepting of people with an alternative lifestyle? It’s easy to fall back on hate. It’s harder to be tolerant and open minded.

I literally don’t give a shit. They can do what they want as long as they don’t expect anyone else to pay for their expenses. If gender really is a social construct, then they can get used to looking how they look without hormones or surgery, because male and female appearance are arbitrary by their own worldview. I was born in the wrong body. I’m 5’10 but ever since I was little I identified with being 6’5. We live in a society; Someone has to pay for my leg lengthening surgeries.

A comment from a trans-girl, a trap:

Hi! I am a transwoman who was born with micropenis. I am not trans because of it, it is actually unrelated. I am also gifted with a very feminine face and hips as well. I never fully masculinized. I have a few genetic herpdongs that don’t cause many issues, I am sterile. Interestingly enough, my penis is about a quarter inch smaller after hormones, from 2.25 inches hard to just under two. PROOF!
(end of comment)

My comment in reply: Well so you are saying that your Princess Stick has gotten smaller from using hormones? That sucks. I’ve seen plenty of shemale porn and many of them have pretty big Princess Sticks. Anyway, good luck.