Trump and Biden are Both Freemason Satanic Puppets


What does it matter who wins? Both are freemason satanists. Politicians are nothing but puppets. The actual people with the actual real power are the ultra-rich and the highly powerful satanists and bloodline satanic families that engage in multi-generational satanic abuse.

Do you want the puppet on the left or the right?

Now, what Trump REPRESENTS, that is a tangible thing. He represents a return to the “good ole days” of the 80s and 90s, when things were much more innocent and everything wasn’t so completely fucked. But remember, the elites are all engaged in satanism and pizzaGate style shit. Both Trump and Clinton were close friends with Epstein, and Epstein was a minor player in the illuminati elite networks.

So in the end, who really gives a fuck who wins? It’s all stupid. Nothing changes, and the elite’s agenda for a new world order keeps progressing along no matter who is in power. The illuminati satanic psychopaths who have the real power will remain hidden behind the scenes, while the retarded stupid masses of humanity keep believing in the false stageshow which is modern politics. Most humans are too stupid to deserve or handle real freedom anyway. They need to be controlled for their own good.