Try Rural Women

Rural vs Urban

Most non-urbanite men are “mature” and OP’s obsession with abstaining from degenerate urbanite sluts says to me that he himself is an urbanite wishing he had access to women who aren’t degenerates. This is how asian-bound sexpats are made, or maybe OP is just a filthy korean who wishes he was japanese. If he is looking for a relatively wholesome girl, he could try women from the rural areas. They aren’t perfect but obviously they are a lot less brainwashed by feminism and bullshit than city women.

Listening to a woman talk about maturity is the same as listening to a kid throwing a tantrum about how he is an adult.

Women will side with you if you win, and against you if they think you are losing, making their opinion irrelevant. If they don’t like traditional marriage, take stock of the cucks in your area and breed their children when the civil war comes. They are property, they just get to decide if it’s pleasant or forced servitude.

Marrying a woman and predictably getting divorced sooner or later is expected slavery, because you have to pay an enormous amount of your income, which CAN be more than 100% of it depending on the circumstances, to her, for the rest of your life. And receive nothing in return. Nada. No contact to her, no contact to the kids, no help from her, no help from anyone. It’s a one-sided arrangement where only you give and no-one returns.

Therefore better to never get married in a country like America which has such anti-male laws.