Trying to Revive the Patriarchy is Insane

Can't go back

Marriage is one of the WORST contracts that you can destroy your life with. It does NOT provide or guarantee you ANYTHING. It is complete and utter RISK without Reward. This is NOT going to improve. Divorce can KILL or IMPRISON you.

This trend of “return to the old days” is INSANE. You cannot recapture loyalty, honesty and moral purpose in our technocratic global toilet. Tattooed, bitchy, sloppy-fat pigs are not going to correct the “errors of their ways” – Angelic, loving. mothers of your children? That ship has sailed forever!

In the western world world it is even WORSE. All the “free sex” is not so “free”. In fact heterosexual sex is STILL covered in a weird Puritanical veil that deprives a man of ANY real choice. From illegal “trafficking” to MeToo FAKERY any attempt at sexual request is a POTENTIAL crime.. and geniuses,… that INCLUDES your fantasy marriage!

Porn and casual sex do NOT lead to impotence. Nor does being an CELIBATE LOSER make you a sexual stallion.

The satanic UNITED NATIONS is already using the EXCUSE of EQUALITY and SUSTAINABILITY to crack down on ALL heterosexual sex. They want COMPLETE CONTROL of reproduction and marriage. They pay shills like Angelina Jolie and Gal Gadot to happily promote LGBTQ+2 as a “positive alternative”. Are you dumb enough to fall for that?

As a MAN seeing “vaginal-sweat-encrusted yoga pants” on a hot chick or on/in Adverts does NOT over-stimulate me, depress me, or make me ‘unable to perform’ . Actually I truly ENJOY seeing vibrant women in various stages of sexiness. Take Note- The great art of Greece, Rome and the Renaissance is what? ..That’s right,.. BEAUTIFUL NAKED WOMEN.

The final point is I, as a man, will CHOOSE, based on MY personal judgement when, how, and with what women I have sex or romance with. It’s up to ME and my girl. No government. No religion. No social fakery. No rules!

Reader- THINK- Today every sexual deviant & global minority is being SUPPORTED and essentially PAID to sire illegitimate children and/ or relations…. but as a White Christian Man I am supposed to return to the days of Victorian prudery backed up by a tyrannical worldwide Police State seeking to fault me for trying?!

NO fucking way.