Ultima Online Outlands Review

UO Outlands

I checked out uo Outlands, I am impressed by the shard, amazing map and new content. However, the culture among us UO players is somewhat toxic. We greif and like to be assholes (myself included) and that is one thing that I think will limit the server potential. I did see more reds than I expected for so early in the server, and I was told the penalties are high, but I encountered quite a few still.

I think the idea of solo play is now only in memories. I know it’s possible, and people do it, but the majority of things operate by a group. In turn, builds were not as effective as I (and others) assumed. The tank mage is effective, but I think more for 1v1 (which is less common from my experience).

The dungeons are crowded, but spawn rate is pretty fast. However, with the big crowd, if you do die you will be dry looted in less than a minute. Then it turns into group vs group pvp if you retaliate, which is more about who can lure more shit to the fighting spot. Try bag shit you looted and give it to a hidden character, not many people (if any) reveal, especially if you stealth. It’s an asshole way of playing, but seems standard here, and if we don’t do it, eqms will probably do it. If you are in the dungeon, spawn is so crazy I found it easier to not actually fight, it’s who can withstand spawn attacks. If I continued playing I would make a dungeon crawler with a pretty crazy build.

Overall, I wonder if there is a way for us to be less of assholes through game mechanics. Is this game fun because we can be assholes? My thoughts are left more to the philosophic side as opposed to the server, but I think they nailed it on the server side.