Virgin Men Need to go to a Prostitute ASAP

Just do it

Especially when we’re giving advice to incels, the number 1 thing to do is go to a prostitute to lose their virginity asap, because no girl wants to get fucked by a virgin. And in fact, I tell incels to go to MANY prostitutes, not just one, and MANY times, until they’ve racked up enough notches and bangs to stop feeling as if intimacy and sex are something especially strange and difficult. And only then do I advise them to start approaching normal girls.

It’s another thing entirely if you are a boy or teenager. In that case, it’s not so repulsive to girls if you’re a virgin, and so I tell those guys to try to get with a normal girl first, because the experience of losing your virginity at that age can be—pardon my homo—quite a beautiful thing that should not be squandered on a whore, if possible.

But for the hordes of incels who’ve reached middle age without coming anywhere near a naked vagina, prostitution is the ONLY way to kickstart a sexual life before they get too old to get it up at all.

I would also be interested in exploring the precise psychological reasons why PUAs are against it. I think it’s because a big part of why he took up game was to feel “like a man” via the accumulation of bangs and notches, so he felt his “accomplishments” would be threatened by guys who got them the “easy” way, by throwing money around, so he banned them from his presence to avoid feeling as if their experiences diminished his sense of manhood.

Quoted from a thread at the forums